San Francisco occupies a bottleneck in the Pacific Flyway, through which migratory birds pass on seasonal migrations between feeding and breeding areas as far as Argentina and the Arctic. With extensive native terrestrial habitat immediately flanking the city to the north and south, and marine, estuarine, and wetland habitat to the west and east, San Francisco’s urban fabric presents an impoverished zone for birds as they seek sustenance for their energy-demanding journeys.

San Francisco is the second-densest city in the United States yet abuts (and encompasses remnants of) wild lands. This is why creating habitat, rest stops and food sources for our insect friends is critical to provide a food source to our feathered foes. A city filled with loads of creativity we are inspiring artists and gardeners alike to explore the wild around us and within us. We are playing and experimenting materials and local artists and found resources to create fine art, bug hotels, habitats, interactive sculptures and education.

We participated in Parking Day 2010, the Farmers Block 2010, Reclaim Market street 2012. This spring we hosted a weed walk with Plants people for the Golden Gate Nature Fest and learned about natural dyes made from weeds and where butterflies and beetles get their food and find shelter. And we are excited for upcoming frog pond building, butterfly habitat restoration and many other educational events this year and as always we are curious to see what happens. What a wonderful city to play and explore our tolerance and awareness of our small friends.

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