Lisa Lee Benjamin, Moose Curtis, Amber Hasselbring, Constantine Konstantakis, and Bay Natives Nursery
October, 2011
San Francisco, CA

Lead Artists:
Amber Hasselbring: Art-Ecology
Lisa Lee Benjamin: Evo Catalyst

Tim Armstrong: CurbWorker
Josiah Clark: Natures Acre Nursery,Habitat Potential
Moose Curtis: Symbollix
Paul Furman: Bay Natives Nursery
Constantine Konstantakis: Sustainability Consultant

Believing that artists can be provocative agents in helping us to reimagine our cities, the Studio for Urban Projects—in collaboration with artists, activists, designers and city officials—created this project as a way of helping us to claim Market Street. Our public think-tank of artists, designers, and plant experts created a platform for discussion and workshops set in a temporary native habitat staged in UN Plaza. The group schemed ways of creating wild, unmanaged green veins throughout San Francisco made of hedges, sidewalk gardens, treetops and stream corridors — thoroughfares for songbirds, pollinators and other urban wildlife.

This event was part of the exhibition Reclaim Market Street! created by the Studio for Urban Projects and exhibited at SPUR.

This project is made possible through the generous support of SPUR and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

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