Geoffrey Fisher and Lisa Lee Benjamin
June, 2012
London, UK

A housing cavity for nesting bees, spiders, and beetles. Screw in a wall or utilize as a magnet.

A collaboration between Artist Geoff Fisher and Lisa Lee Benjamin that happened all due to our good friend Flora Grubb. A train ride to High Wycombe on a hot day in May sparked a flurry of inspiration and creativity. Geoff Fisher is a brilliant artist with incredible skills and has taken his art from the walls to the people with his trooks… Partly by accident. Each piece of wood is carefully collected in the near by woods and custom made with love and attention. It is an easy connection for many of us- a piece of nature in our homes… which now has legs in SF, NY and Telluride.
After a few frantic and lovely days of prototyping, we now are making bespoke bug boxes and magnetic bug hotels. We have been tromping through the woods and through the countryside collecting fallen branches and filling materials consisting of seeds, petals and leaves.
Look for them on Remodelista, Urban Gardener and Flora Grubb Gardens and if you want to order from here just email us at info@urbanhedgerow or on our Bug Boxes page.

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